Antes de empezar recuerda que esto es una prueba de nivel y no un examen. Lo importante es saber si tienes claros determinados conceptos y destrezas con el idioma.

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1. What’s ____ name?


2. My friend ____ in Dublin


3. Where_____?


4. ______ to Australia, Paul? Yes, two years ago.


5. Tokyo is ______ city I’ve ever lived in.


6. A vegetarian is someone ______ doesn’t eat meat.


7. ________ these days.


8. I wish I _______ more money!


9. _____ be famous one day?


10. It’s my birthday ___ Friday.


11. I ____ a headache.


12. I lived in Madrid _____ 4 years


13. Are you  ____  or were you expecting this news?


14. How many ____ of trousers have you got?


15. Judy came back from her holiday in Spain looking really _____


16. Tony can ___ English


17. I’m not interested ____ sports.


18. She likes _____ expensive clothes.


19. William ____ his father’s car when the accident happened.


20. I was wondering _____ tell me when the next plane from Lisbon arrives?


21. If I _____ him, I would have spoken to him, wouldn’t I?


22. I like your hair. Where ____ ?


23. I think Alex must ______ late tonight. His office light is still on.


24. Anthony tells me John’s going out with Lara, ____ I find hard to believe.


25. What _____ this weekend, Lance?


26. The weather has been awful. We’ve had very _____ sunshine this summer.


27. Did you hear what happened to Kate? She _____.


28. I _____  get up at about 7:30 from Monday to Friday.


29. My brother _____ the cooking in our house.


30. My mother stopped _____ lunch because we were hungry.


31. She was in ____ when she heard the tragic news.


32. Could you ____  me that book for a couple of days?


33. If you _____ me, what would you do?


34. Barry and Laura are coming to visit us tomorrow but I wish _____.


35. I’m so hungry! If only Rupert ____ all the food in the fridge!


36. I regret _____ harder in school.


37. Surely Sara ____ you if she was unhappy with your work.


38. Our neighbours aren’t very polite, and ____ particularly quiet!


39. We had expected that they _____ fluent English, but in fact they didn’t.


40. You ________ the school without permission (formal instruction).


41. If the human race _____, we must look at environmental problems now.


42. It was his 64th birthday in 2012 and he _____ to retire the following year.


43. Whenever we went to my uncle’s house, we ____ in the garden.



Read the text below. For questions 47 to 51, choose the best answer (a, b, c or d).

‘Heavier than air flying machines are impossible,’ said the well-known scientist Lord Kelvin in 1895. Thomas Watson, the chairman of IBM in 1943, was wrong too when he said that he thought there would be a world market for only five or so computers.

Predictions can, of course, be wrong, and it is very difficult to predict what the world will be like in 100, 50, or even 20 years from now. But this is something that scientists and politicians often do. They do so because they invent things and make decisions that shape the future of the world that we live in.

In the past they didn’t have to think too much about the impact that their decisions had on the natural world. But that is now changing. An increasing number of people believe that we should live within the rules set by nature. In other words, they think that in a world of fixed and limited resources, what is used today will not be there for our children. We must therefore look at each human activity and try to change it or create alternatives if it is not sustainable. The rules for this are set by nature, not by man.


47 .- What was Lord Kelvin suggesting?



According to the text, which of the following statements is TRUE?



Shape (line 6) is closest in meaning to:


47. The article suggests we should live in a _____ way.


48. Choose the best title for the article.